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PAWFLEX All-in-One Leash

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Experience a new way of walking with your four-legged friend. Our unique dog harness with integrated retractable leash offers freedom and comfort for you and your dog!


Forget multi-piece equipment for daily walks with your animal friend - the PAWFLEX All-in-One Leash Set includes all the features for quick and easy outdoor use.


The unique combination gives you the comfort of a dog harness with the flexibility of a retractable leash and the freedom to enjoy your outdoor activities. Increase your daily moments with your dog in the fresh air.



That's why you and your dog will love our PAWFLEX All-in-One Leash:


🐶 Robust dog harness with integrated retractable leash - everything is perfectly matched so you don't have to carry and store a leash when your pet explores the neighborhood alone.


🐕 Leash training - the integrated and flexible leash makes it easy to train your dog to walk on a leash every day. Wearing a harness is recommended, especially at a young age, to prevent neck injuries.


🐾 More safety while walking without risk of injury - no tripping, no knots in the legs and no injuries to the neck or spine.

🐕Improved Comfort - Breathable and waterproof material to prevent skin damage. The harness can also be worn in the water without any problems and is suitable for all seasons. The ergonomic design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit.

⭕️ No jerky movements - the anti-pulling mechanism automatically stops your dog if he wants to run away.

💡 Custom Design - 4 easily adjustable straps as your dog grows over time. You can attach a dog tag or LED light with 2 metal rings. It is also feather light and therefore very comfortable for everyday use.

🐶 3 different sizes - the right model for every four-legged friend, 5 color models for the right taste of owner and dog.

🍀Eco -friendly - expertly crafted without harmful chemicals and environmentally recyclable.

❤️ Easy to handle - without multiple pieces of equipment - everything is perfectly matched in one set and set up in seconds.



    Try our new All-in-One set and let your dog enjoy a new level of comfort compared to traditional equipment. Join our satisfied customers who have already discovered the benefits of the unique All-in-One Leash.

    Don't wait any longer - order now and enjoy a completely new hiking experience . Buy your new PAWFLEX All-in-One Dog Harness and Leash Set now for a special price! Walk your dog for free for 14 days with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      Treat yourself and your four-legged friend to the best walking experience - with a dog harness and leash in one set. Order now and experience the difference!